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SoMoClo (SOcial | MObile | CLOud) describes a state of converged IT infrastructure: cloud at the core, mobility the edge, and social the connection through the cloud from edge to edge.


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It’s not three things (social+mobile+cloud), it’s one thing (SoMoClo).

It places these three disruptive technologies in context, and describes the technical and services infrastructure that will allow organizations to provide an end-user experience in which all employees are connected (social) everywhere they go (mobile), and have access to data when and where they need it (cloud).

It provides the context for Big Data and Analytics in the cloud (be it public, private, or hybrid), and is the basis for the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtualized interfaces at the edge. It reframes business and technology infrastructure decisions in a unified model, and repositions IT as a facilitator of the future of the business.

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